Gleamberry - Tradition With A Twist!

Imagine, all weavers of India under one roof, you have a variety of handloom designs, patterns and Indian cultures to choose from! Everything looks exemplary, the art, skill, craft, design, colours and creativity coming together just to celebrate you! That’s “Gleamberry”. “Gleam” means sparkle and “Berry” indicates freshness, and we are here to celebrate “The Sparkling You”.
Going through the corridors of Indian history, we have attempted to bring you the faces behind the woven fabric from its cultural origin without any middlemen to offer the finest essentials at modest prices. We value our own native and traditional art of weaving and aspire to keep our heritage alive. Connecting the artisans to the online platform, we provide a stage to them by leveraging our e-commerce presence. We deliver Indo-ethnic fashion dictated by the style quotient of the ancient living tradition across the country. We are a one-stop shop to deliver India’s culture and tradition in the form of fashion representing our roots and heritage. With fast-changing fashion and styles, we are here to retain our heritage within the fast fashion world, no matter how and when the styles change! Not just being about the Indian traditional clothing, but its also about improvising our basics keeping the heritage and culture at the heart of our brand, we represent “Tradition with a twist”. We provide richness to your appearance and Gleamberry wouldn’t ever go out of style!
The artisans are at our heart here at Gleamberry. These artisans are endowed with the talent and traditional skills necessary to create exquisite designs and styles unique to the culture and heritage. They spin and work for months in presenting a fabric that surely appears in the form of richness. Because of how handloom weaving works and the time it consumes, every handloom design is unique and different. No fabric is the same, ever! That’s the speciality of Indian handloom and woven fabric.
Richa Patil started Gleamberry in 2018 in Mumbai with a vision of creating garments connected to Indian roots. As an engineer and an MBA, after 8 years of corporate experience, she knew she had to start her venture. Also, coming from a business family, it comes naturally, so when she decided to start her own business, she worked on something where she could help these weavers and artisans. Every product of Gleamberry has a story to tell, as she travelled days and miles in India, to almost every village where handloom is practised, lived and experienced the life of these artisans to provide them with a platform of livelihood and preserving their art form in the form of Gleamberry! Richa encourages the existing artisans and their families to inherit this talent and art form, increasing the potential of Indian handloom in the textile industry and keeping it alive forever! 

Later in the year 2022, Richa met Varun Bhomia who also comes with the same vision, is an astute professional with more than 15 years of management cross-functional work experience with top retailers as well as startups and part of innovative retail strategies and set-ups across sectors like garments, footwear, accessories, sports-goods, FMCG, pharma & healthcare retail. With a major health setback in 2021 due to COVID, he had to take a break from his active life and decided to do farming. During this period he travelled to rural villages to meet farmers, and saw how the artisans were suffering to market their products. On realizing that a lot of original art forms are on the verge of getting extinct because of no recognition, he wanted to do something to help the weavers & artisans. All of this sought a purpose when he met Richa who shared the same thought process and like-mindedness. Now they are actively working together to give a platform to rural weavers & artisans to market their talent and also help revive the dying art.

Gleamberry supports sustainability! Consumers across the globe have become more conscious of what they consume, and have begun questioning whether or not brands source their raw materials and labour ethically. In our recent collection, we have used hand-painted abstract art using organic colour on handwoven fabrics. With our major focus being the traditional crafts of India, we understand the effects of fabric making and dyeing on the environment and thus have centred on making garments that are fashionable, unique, beautiful, easy to wear, comfortable and will last you eternity. Our wear is exclusive and never repeated! We offer customisations and provide sizes 3XL to 5XL and more. We support the local people, and provide a livelihood to them, promoting this ancient and unique art form to be inherited by the families by providing them support and a platform to go global! We go “Vocal for Local” and “Made In India”. We combine authenticity, transparency and playfulness all together to strategize for restoring customer-brand trust. “Building great experiences builds customer loyalty and our customer loyalty is our biggest strength!

Gleamberry has served more than 7000 customers across the globe majorly India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Singapore despite COVID times. We have more than 1500 SKUs listed, done various Pop-up shop events in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Our products have been listed in various multi-designer outlets in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Our huge network connects and flourishes the livelihood of 200 weavers across India. We are super fast unlike other brands and deliver the products within a week once an order is placed. We also are available on partner platforms like Amazon US, Ajio, Etsy, World Art Community, Nykaa and soon on Myntra!

Our vision is to be a brand that represents the empowerment of rural and semi-urban artists while also recognising and promoting traditional handicraft techniques that are on the verge of extinction because of increased industrialization and rapid urbanisation. We influence buying environmentally friendly patterns. Our mission is to inspire artisans and weavers from less privileged families to inherit these traditional art forms and learn new skills, to give them the self-assurance and self-worth needed to succeed through hard work and effort, empowering them to take their newly acquired knowledge and confidence out in the world. We recognise the rich culture and customs ingrained in India’s rural communities and transform this legacy into goods by fusing traditional art with modern designs and techniques. Gleamberry as a medium-sized brand constantly strives to make a meaningful impact through sustainable design and practices.

With different combinations of fabrics woven together with different textures, Gleamberry’s combinations are rare and bring out the meaning of weaves through our best artisans and weavers. And our customers understand how the threads are weaved together giving them a good fit and making them sparkle, staying true to Gleamberry’s promise! We accept bulk orders and export globally. We are looking forward to more brand awareness, and our vision/mission being circulated to the masses with our presence across the globe. With our expansion in different categories like home decor, men’s wear, accessories and experience stores, we are heading to a revolution in the industry!

Gleamberry is for the customers and the artisans! We connect and revive the Indian culture and heritage to people across the globe. Join us as we uplift the lives of artisans, celebrate the richness and beauty of handlooms, bring unique fashion to you and revolutionize the garment industry! Enhance the luxuriance of your wardrobe now by visiting