Gleamberry is a destination to celebrate the beauty of traditional handwoven fabrics to showcase the skilled craftsmanship and centuries-old handloom art form of artisans from all over India. With the aspiration to promote the rich cultural heritage of India through the medium of handloom textiles, we aim on providing sustainable livelihoods to our weavers and artisans from different villages and states. We are committed to preserving the traditional techniques of weaving and dyeing, which have been passed down for centuries and through generations of weavers and are an integral part of our country's history, identity and culture.

We offer a wide range of handloom products from almost every part of India, all made using the finest quality yarns, natural dyes and the most talented weavers. Gleamberry is a beautiful fusion of traditional handloom and Western styles. Our products are unique and tell a story of the weaver's skill, and creativity and showcase the richness of Indian heritage. 

We believe in fair trade and ethical practices, and our products are sourced directly from weavers and artisans, ensuring they receive a reasonable price for their work. By shopping with us, you are not only supporting the handloom industry but also contributing to the preservation of India's rich cultural heritage. 

We are passionate about our products and take pride in providing our customers with a seamless online shopping experience. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your purchase exceeds your expectations. Rejuvenate your wardrobe with our unique designs. Celebrate the Indian heritage and beauty of weaving culture with Gleamberry!

Thank you for choosing to shop with us, and we look forward to sharing our love for handloom textiles with you.